When I started my http://zylla3.wordpress.com more than 3 years ago, we thought (or hoped) we would be able to retire in 2 years. Things here in the U.S. drastically changed more than anyone has ever anticipated, so we redirected our lives to the so-called root of all evils–the real estate world…just when we’re at the bottom of it!

This is simply a candid look as we go through this mind-boggling roller coaster ride in the housing market and more. As I searched for my brother’s house in late 2008, I was so immersed into it for the next nine months as to what I thought the deepest low in real estate. What I would consider lower than this would come when the government would probably ran out of bail-out money.

In 2008, neither Mr. NOBODY nor Ms. SOMEBODY could predict how deep the bottom would be. Mr. and Mrs. EVERYONE were so afraid what to expect when Mr. NO ONE and Ms. KNOW HOW could not even figure out how or who to help. That was not the time when lenders and banks could successfully apply their existing rules…so many empty houses, and one can only imagine how many lives were disrupted. Every house I viewed mirrored the lives of the families that lived there…not one ever the same. What I’ve read on the paper…I saw with my own eyes and I felt the loss/pain for whatever reason.

A year prior to the ‘bursting of the bubble’, it was an enjoyable look at model houses with my sister-in-law as my youngest brother warned his wife he was not handy–no fixer upper, please! I should say I’ve seen the good times. Compared to what I saw starting November of 2008, the atmosphere had completely changed. There was no shortage of vacant or abandoned houses to view. In my mind’s eye, I had to reconstruct each house to its full potential with the least amount of time and money from the perspective of a regular Joe. I gave the internet credit in my personal obsession to find a house my other brother could afford. I checked and double checked when the house would be back on the market…and it fascinated me to make my own deduction in the course of 9 months–like looking at a kaleidoscope!

Hence the birth of our real estate career…not easy from the other side of the fence. The insights I’ve learned from both directions have enriched my goals to retirement…and my husband’s as well. We hope to carry the knowledge with us when we retire in the Philippines one day.


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