As I turn on my computer, I am usually drawn to the beautiful houses in front of me–houses I would never afford in a million years. It’s easy to get lost in my dreamworld, but reality brings me back to what a regular Jane and Joe can strive for in a starving marketplace. Everyday I walk with Jane and Joe, and this inspires me to feature the ones that speak to my senses TODAY (2D)… a HOME that will see them through their daily grind. This will be a HOME that will witness their struggle–no matter where they are physically, mentally or emotionally–in this fledging economy. A HOME that will eventually be filled with Love as their family will grow with it, or even outgrow it as they would surely move on…with Life! 

 The Simple Life

However, even in a regular city neighborhood…if you’re like me, you’ll find beauty in many ways–simple as it may seem as you meet the sun breaking into a new dawn. The company of trees could be a solace enough to warm up the slowly waking mind to the smell of coffee.

The sun is just behind the tree.

Watching the trees could calm the soul as one begins the chaotic daily grind. Trees are living Art with the sky as the backdrop…be it blue or gray, there is beauty!

Not dead…just ready for another beginning.

Originally published @ https://xzyllar.wordpress.com


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