Closing Escrow in a Week

Closing escrow in a week?!  As new Realtors…my husband and I could only dream this…especially if I keep sitting on my A$$ blogging instead of walking…KNOCKING doors in our farming territory. I’m just postponing the inevitable–as our managers said…we need that face time if we want returns on investment.

Four months of training (there’s so much to learn), distributing flyers (we need face recognition…we’re not burglars), building websites (now blogging –we need exposures), and what nots! We need some reality check in breaking the bank…no, no, no…I did not say ‘breaking into a bank’ though it feels that way sometimes.  😦 ):

To delay that door-to-door contact, my husband had been very good in searching for possible Open Houses even as far as an hour drive to San Bernardino. No LEADS so far, just MISleads and MISSleads! I’m starting to lose my sense of humor. We keep telling ourselves we don’t mind going far…it’s a first-hand look at the market out there. Who are we kidding? So when we found one First Team listing agent close to our farming area, we were delighted to contact him. When he said, he will ask the owner…we were hopeful!

A week or so–just now as I was blogging–my husband contacted the listing agent again, and I heard “That’s great!”…I had the not-great-for-us feeling. True enough…that house on Trevor Street sold in a week! A cash buyer walked in, and escrow closed in a week! What a dream if we could have one that way. Indeed…a lost dream of having an Open House close to our farm where we can invite the neighbors. Now, we should practice our KNOCKtiquette!


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4 responses to “Closing Escrow in a Week

  1. Congratulations on your sale! Keep building your on line presence and give people a reason to contact you and you will do fine. Allow them to search for homes on your site, etc. Best of luck.

    • @BSHFS: 😦 Opps! Sorry if it wasn’t so clear…at the end I mentioned we were hoping to get it for Open House but the listing agent–I wish we were the one–found a cash buyer or should I say, the other way around. But thanks…We’ll take the “Best of Luck” part, and the advise about the home search…if and when we could figure out how to do many things we want to incorporate.

      • 😦 I can’t even get the right Gravatar to show up. It’s using my other blog’s one. But I know I need to get started.

  2. Hi Zylla, it’s Mixxy here.. Found your Real Estate site.. there’s so much I can learn from your experience. Hope you could continue posting here. Best of luck and regards to you and your hubby.

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